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100% of your gift goes to Kenya

If you are planning a gift but want to be sure it will be both useful and worthwhile, then “Buy a Gift for Kenya” could be the answer for you: a gift for the poor of Kenya will be both useful and life changing. Many of us in the West find it really difficult to choose a suitable gift for others or to think of something we ourselves would like at Christmas or birthday time. Some people would love to stop sending hundreds of Christmas cards and instead send a gift to those in need. Amani UK offers the opportunity to do just this…

As with all donations to Amani UK, 100% of your Gift goes to Kenya, with 95% used to purchase the gift itself and 5% used to cover the cost of local Kenyan field staff who organise and deliver your gift to its recipient. There are no UK costs involved whatsoever.

Sometimes Gifts of less than £50 will be redirected to different gifts of the same value when it is seen that actual priorities are not being met in a balanced way by the gifts purchased. While the donor’s choice is always conveyed to our Kenyan field staff for implementation, we are also guided by their understanding of the local priorities of the community.

Thank you for your order and thank you for thinking of those in Kenya who will receive your gift.

John Prestwich, Chairman
Amani UK